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East foundation

a new home

The charitable mission of the East Foundation is to support wildlife conservation and other public benefits of ranching and private land stewardship. The design was generic, the code wasn’t search engine-friendly, and the site architecture was confusing. As their site no longer reflected their brand, or met their changing needs, they reached out to us for a complete redesign.

Our navigation system “chunked” information into major and minor categories. We narrowed navigational choices on the home page to key categories, then offered visitors access to a wealth of information by clicking down. One photo is assigned to each category of information so visitors can easily tell when they’ve switched categories. Finally, we added a search engine and site map as additional navigational aids.

Our design built on the East Foundation brand by using its signature brown along with warm accent colors. Leveraging their extensive library of beautiful photography, we were able to create an immediate emotional connection and demonstrate how the East Foundation makes a difference.