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We are a San  Antonio marketing company focused on research and analytics services that help your understand your  audience. 

Research & Analytics

 As a data-driven marketing company, we believe in the power of consumer data analysis to deliver greater marketing efficiencies and effectiveness. The more you know about your current customers, the more targeted your marketing tactics and messaging can be. We use a number of statistical methodologies allow you to drill deeper into customer data to garner unique, actionable insights.

Cluster Analytics

 We'll create tightly defined homogenous segments where the clusters developed are effective discriminators over a wide range of consumer behavior. This classifies your customers into groups where members are as similar to one another as possible, while being significantly different to the members of other groups - perfect for strategic marketing initiatives for any product or service!

Gap Analysis

The goal is to identify the gap between the “benchmark (average)” and the current state. The process involves comparing and the cataloging of these variance on an attribute by attribute basis. Once the general expectation of performance across clients (segments) is understood, it is possible to compare that expectation with the clients (segments) current level of performance across all indicators.

ROI Analysis

For each and every campaign we need to spend budget for the print, web site, email blast and so on. At the end of the campaign we generate revenue. ROI analysis helps us breakdown the performance of the campaign from a revenue standpoint against other campaigns, or within the campaign where we compare performance on a segment to segment basis.

Retention/Attrition Model

This process is used to help understand the probability that a client is going to respond / convert to a given event. In the case of Attrition we are looking at the probability of stop being a customer. In this case we score every client from 0 to 100% in terms of response / conversion / attrition and based on the probability are put into a specific treatment program.

Market Analysis

The Competition database comprises the size, sales and composition of each competitor. Given our data is geo-referenced we then apply our fifth order polynomial trend surface analysis and calculate their field of influence in the marketplace.


These are just a few of the methods we use in our research & analytics phase of your campaigns.