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Collegiate marketing in San Antonio is a key focus as well as Direct Mail of The e.f. group. we also provide college admissions marketing, email marketing, and college alumni email, retention, and acquisition marketing


Collegiate/Alumni Marketing

The e.f. marketing group has made its imprint in the world of collegiate marketing. We've had the privilege to work with many universities and colleges to increase their alumni membership acquisition and retention rates.

Notable universities we've worked with include University of Oklahoma, University of Arizona, East Carolina University, University of Central Arkansas, Boise State, North Carolina State, Montana State, UTSA, Arkansas Alumni Association, and many more.

Through the use of detailed analytics, we can create targeted campaigns that will reach the exact audience you need to make your campaign the most effective.  Whether your organization is aiming for current students, new grads/young alumni, or converting current members into life members, we offer successful, personalized campaigns.

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