university of arizona alumni association


university of arizona alumni association

young alumni marketing at its best

Retaining young alumni is a challenge for most institutions. Our first step was to dive deep into the minds of this audience to find out what makes them tick. Through the help of an online survey distributed to a sample of students, we discovered the number one reason why students would renew is for discounted sporting tickets. We also discovered that direct mail still peaks their interests, but the more unique the better.


So our solution was twofold: Our “Don’t Let the Madness End” piece hit mail boxes right after U of A’s March Madness debut. This variable piece highlighted the ticket discount, keeping the ticket incentive at the forefront of their minds as their membership expired to help boosts renewals. Next we wanted to be sure to create a direct mail piece that would grab their attention, and thus “Alumni Vision” was born. This mailer, with 3D images and glasses, warned alumni that they will only be able to activate the 3D vision when they renew.


It’s proven that the more engaging marketing is the higher the ROI, so the ultimate goal of this execution was to engage alumni in a unique manner. Social media posts and emails followed each direct mail piece.

The result was a cohesive campaign that spoke to the target audience through creative and copy via the channels they utilize most.