university of central arkansas


university of central arkansas

alumni retention campaign

The University of Central Arkansas Alumni Association was seeking solution that would give them a boost in membership retention. 

The client decided to employ the use of both emails and direct mailers that would periodically be sent to alumni members whose memberships were close to expiring. Each reminder counted down the days until membership expiration, or past due expiration, to reduce the chances of alumni members accidentally forgetting to renew their membership, while reminding them of the benefits of remaining a member of the UCA Alumni Association.


Based on membership data, letters with 60-day, 30-day, current, and 30-days past expiration reminders were sent to alumni who needed to renew their dues to the UCA Alumni Association. The data on file was also used to personalize the mailers with their names and school mascot-related taglines to entice recipients to open the letter. Inside, the benefits of membership were listed along side photos from the UCA campus. To further the personalization aspect, the 30-day past letters used member location to determine whether listing local benefits, or non-local perks would best be suited for the alumni receiving the letter.

Corresponding renewal emails were also sent to coincide with the direct mail pieces.